turtle island photograph This is a very difficult photograph to print. I spent many, many hours in the darkroom trying to print this negative just right. There are probably about fifty prints of this in the trash can. Just a little bit darker and it doesn’t look foggy. Just a little bit lighter, and it loses its texture. (Texture is an important element in most of my photographs.) Even though I keep careful notes when I am working in the darkroom, each time I print this I have to discard some because they are not just right.

I believe craftsmanship is an important part of art. Good craftsmanship enables an artist to make his work look, sound, or feel the way he wants it to. I also think that work that shows an obvious lack of craftsmanship insults its audience. Why should the audience spend time and energy contemplating a piece if the artist was not willing to put in the time and energy making it as good as possible?

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