anvil bent's fort photograph I sell my photographs mostly at outdoor art festivals. One of the interesting aspects of art festivals is interacting with the viewers of one’s work. However, sometimes, it is not so pleasant. It is almost beyond belief some of the things people say. I had one lady comment that I did not have all that many photographs on display. I explained that I try to be very picky about what I sign my name to. She then said, “Well, if this is all the photographs you have, you must not be a very good photographer.”

The most common criticism I get is some version of, “These would be pretty if they were in color.” I use this photograph to respond. Orange Spring Mound is a 25 foot high mineral deposit, built up by a hot spring which flows down over its surface. It is covered with algae and bacteria: red, green, brown, orange, and yellow. That day there was a clear blue sky. I do not doubt that a picture would have been pretty in color. However, because the colors were so vivid, a color photograph would have been about the colors. This black and white photograph is about shapes, textures, and shadings. I think these things would have gotten lost in a color photograph.

The hot springs in Yellowstone are very dynamic. This photograph was taken in 1995. Today, Orange Spring Mound looks different. The left tree has fallen forward. The partially encased tree behind is now completely covered.

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