enchanted rock photograph Near Llano, in West Texas, is a small state park containing Enchanted Rock. Enchanted Rock is about fifteen acres of granite in the shape of a dome. The formation is akin to those in Yosemite National Park, but very much smaller. As near as I can tell there is no other exposed granite within hundreds of miles of Enchanted Rock. Perhaps someday I will research the geology of the area and learn how it came to be there.

The central rock in this photograph is about 25 feet high, but the photograph gives almost no clue to its size. I did this intentionally because I did not want this to be a picture of a big rock. Instead, I wanted it to be a photograph of the solidity and roughness of the rock in contrast to the smooth emptiness of the sky.

It was difficult to find the right vantage point for this photograph. Because the rock on the left is so much smaller, the composition seemed out of balance from almost every place I looked. I believe a lack of balance would have detracted from the feeling of solidity I was trying to portray. I finally found a place that showed just a tiny bit of the left rock above the horizon line. This seems, to my eye at least, to create enough visual interest in the left rock to counter balance the size of the other rocks. As I recall the tripod was standing precariously on a rather small ledge.

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